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Paint brush: Visualizing
Lesson Plans
As teachers, your goal is to move students toward new levels of independence. That's why we like the gradual release of responsibility model

Here are some activities to help support your students as they learn to visualize while reading.

Artistic Response
Gallery Images
Guided Imagery
Story Wheel
Think Aloud


  • These are quick activities, not long drawn-out lessons.
  • You can use most of them with any text you are reading, all day long — not just during reading time!
  • Never ask students to do something you haven't modeled.
  • Once students get the hang of these activities, you can use them for independent practice.
  • Mix it up — use these with small groups, the whole class, during, partner reading...
  • These are all great classroom tools; but remember, the point is the reading! Don't kill the enjoyment of reading with the exercises!
Gradual Release of Responsibility ModelWhat does it look and sound like?
1. Demonstration
1. I do, you watch.
2. Guided practice
2. I do, you help.
3. Independent practice
3. You do, I help.
4. Application
4. You do, I watch.
(Wilhelm, 2001)

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