Professional Development Plan

According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, a Professional Development Plan (PDP):

  • enhances an educator’s knowledge and skills in specific areas;
  • emphasizes collegial and collaborative dialogue;
  • encourages risk-taking, creativity, and experimentation;
  • must lead to increased proficiency in two or more of the Wisconsin Educator Standards; and
  • must evidence, upon completion, the impact of professional growth upon student learning.

    Source: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. (2014). Professional Development Plan (PDP) Toolkit for Educators.

You can use Into the Book to support your PDP. The below examples were developed using the PDP template created by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Use these examples to help you integrate Into the Book into your PDP. Not all parts of the PDP are included in the following examples; only the sections where you can readily incorporate Into the Book are provided.

Remember that these examples are meant for general reference. You should make your PDP relevant to your specific teaching situation.

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